Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Balls Out!

      Back in 1996, I was taking aikido class under an older master. He would at times pause to teach us all a life lesson. He made something clear that stuck in my mind for the rest of my life. He once said, “There are people walking among us that just exist while those among us that live life.” I took this upon myself to see what he meant by exploring different parts of the world and see if what he said was true. Over time, I found his wisdom to be absolutely correct. Many people go about life doing day to day rituals where they do the same thing day in and day out. This for some is great if you are doing what you really like to do in life. For the rest of the world those that just do the daily grind feel they have not fulfilled the empty vessel of their soul that lusts for joy and happiness. We live in a country where the price for freedom is not free.  We have many men and women in our country who have sacrificed their lives to preserve our freedom. I cherish and have a deep respect for those that have served our country making freedom give us the chance to live our lives the way we want to. 

      Having the unlimited ability to do anything in our minds we can think is a great thing not to take for granted. When my friends and I at LLBO Clothing stepped forward to start the company, we had one thing in mind: giving people a way to express their way of being free and being able to challenge mind, body, and spirit in a positive way. It is for people to live their lives to an extreme where they feel alive and feel they are doing everything in their capacity to live life completely full.  

      If you could do anything in life that you thought you could not do, would you be willing to step forward out of your daily comfort zone and try it. Living life balls out is an expression of putting it all on the line to live life at your greatest effort with joy for what you are doing. This is a concept for both men and women. LLBO Clothing is an outlet for which individuals can express their feelings of adventure and living by sending the message through their clothes. It is not about a label.

      Labels come second. LLBO Clothing strides to allow expression of mind, body, and spirit in a positive way. Life is good. But what if life could be extremely great doing the activities you want to in life whether it is hiking, parachuting, or simply skateboarding out on the town. If today you were told you had one day to live, what would you do to enjoy that last day? Most people would want to say good-bye to love ones. I would agree to this but go a step further. I would want to do something or several activities I never took the opportunity to do and at the end of the day know I fulfilled the day the best I could. Many people are unsatisfied with their lives feeling boredom. LLBO Clothing promotes getting beyond boredom and making an effort to do something that fills the soul with joy and happiness.

      When you live life balls out, you make an effort to enjoy life at its full capacity and make lasting memories for which you can grow on with future accomplishments in life. Life is short why not do what you want and live life extreme. Live life balls out. Life is precious and short. Make the most of it.